Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I will always remember this day...


I will always remember...

Waking up to hearing a radio dj say that a "helicopter" had crashed into the towers
immediately sitting up in bed, my body going cold because I knew something wasn't right
turning on the TV and having my feelings confirmed with horrible images
calling out to Jerry to turn the tv on

I will always remember...

being completely confused as to why this was happening
watching footage of the second plane hit
sitting in bed screaming as I saw the first tower go down
crying as I thought of all those people in that building
more attacks??!!
it all being way too much to understand but not being able to take my eyes off the tv
watching the second tower go down...and crying harder
being scared about Los Angeles being attacked next
wondering if this was going to be WW3 on our land


I will always remember...

Not sending the Christian and Danny to daycare that day
I remember sitting on the sofa, watching tv, holding them close to me as often as I could
being relieved that they were too young to understand all of this
being perplexed as to how this day would change their history books forever
Being completely rattled and lethargic all day
Praying for all those people affected, yet being grateful that we were all ok
deciding that day that I would NOT be taking a future business trip I was supposed to go on

I will always remember...

the declaration of war against the terrorist
seeing the images of the Statue of Liberty and the smoke surrounding her
seeing images of people running into the chaos to help
seeing images of people looking for their loved ones

But I will also remember...

Our nation coming together as one
People from everywhere showing up to help at ground zero
hearing the stories of those people that by God's grace never made it to work that day
the beautiful images that showed the strength of our country

My heart still aches at soo many memories, but I will never forget that day.

May we always remember!

From my corner to you... Have yourself a beautiful day! 


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