Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Showers" of Inspiration

Weddings are in the air for my family this summer. One is my brother's wedding to Casandra, my future SIL in August, (which I am super thrilled about!) The other is Jerry's cousin, Natalia, that will be in September.  With weddings come wedding showers, and in the last 2 weeks I have helped plan one and I attended another. They were both soo different but yet soo perfect and appropriate for each of the future brides.

Casandra and Sergio, met later in their lives, as two very independent people who have lived and done a lot already on their own, but are now living together.  They are at a point in both of their lives where they are past all possible wedding traditions. They didn't feel the need for all the pomp and circumstance that comes with being new bride, but without taking away the meaningfulness of the occasion. So Casandra's shower was very casual, simple, and tasteful...no fuss/no muss...just like Casandra!! It was so refreshing...She's a simple girl, so she just wanted her shower just to be about being around her friends and family that are closest to her during this special time in her life. Casandra has friends from all over and had some come from out of town which was soo nice. And we all got along soo well. If this was fun, I can't wait for the wedding!

I co-planned it with one of her best friends, Wanda (above in the purple) who graciously  hosted it at her beautiful house. We were both on the same page when it came to planning it, and along with Casandra's friends we all made something and made it as simple as possible just like Casandra wanted. I brought my favorite china set and I decorated some of Casandra and Sergio's favorite beer bottles (they're making their own beer for the wedding) with fine glitter and their initials to make some cute flower vases. (idea from Pinterest of course!)

I always enjoy doing this kind of stuff and even more so for my family and friends, so for my brother and Casandra I wanted to make things special, and that included making the cake myself. So I made Casandra's favorite lemon cake and then added a fresh raspberry/strawberry filling and it was apparently a big hit with everybody.

We had such a great time! There were no games to be played, but we did have a door prize for the girl who's birth date or anniversary came closest to Cas and Sergio's wedding date, and Wanda and I said a few words and I got mushy of course as I expressed how happy and thankful we are to have Casandra join our family. She's a great girl and has mingled soo well with us and even our closest friends. Welcome Casandra to this crazy familia!

Natalia, Jerry's niece, has always been the most dainty, soft spoken, sweetest little girl you could ever meet. She is now all grown up and just graduated college and is starting her life as a new bride.  So her mom, Nilia, went ALL out to make sure she sends her daughter off properly, with as much ceremony and tradition as possible, and gave her a Tea Party shower that was just as dainty and sweet as Natalia!

The shower was gorgeous and beautifully decorated, all the tables set to the nines in true Tea Party fashion,  but the main event featured was the candy bar, one of the newest trends in the party scenes.

Nilia, has a close friend who does these candy table set ups for a living for all kinds of parties so she did an amazing job for Natalia's shower. It was out of this world, and no detail left unturned.We couldn't help but take pictures because it was just so pretty.

 The shower was held close to San Diego so it was a lot of fun 
getting together with all the girl cousins and aunts from Jerry's side of the family. 
We all dressed up and looked fabulous in our tea hats, we played some traditional shower games,
 and just enjoyed a really nice afternoon with Natalia.

All in all, I just realized how far wedding showers have come nowadays. There is no right or wrong way to have one, but I was inspired by both of these events. They can be totally elaborate or totally simple and still be beautiful and perfect. Each bride sets the tone for what is right for her. Aside from all the glitz and the presents, the important thing is about being there to support and wish the bride all the best in her married life. 

To Casandra and Natalia, 
may you look and feel beautiful on your wedding days,
and may God Bless you both with all the love and happiness that forever can bring!!

With all my love to you both,
from my corner to yours...

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Natalia Escobar said...

WOW this is truly touching Tia, thank you so much for the wishes and for being there! You have such a beautiful way of describing such a precious moment :) I really agree how the tone is set and that day definitely reflected the love and support there is. Thank you again for the support and for including me in your blog!

<3 Natalia

ps if anyone wants more info. on the candy buffets, the company is San Diego Candy Buffets and is run by Carla Kellogg (my mom's best friend) and assisted by her daughter, Danielle (my best friend). More info. can be found on the website: www.sandiegocandybuffets.com. :)