Friday, June 29, 2012

Foto Friday- Photographer's Choice

Hello there everybody! Hope you've had a great Friday so far. I am totally late with this post but I wanted to link up today with the blog Photograph Life that got me started on these Foto Fridays to begin with. I came across Photograph Life through another blog I read, and it inspired me to link up my pictures on a weekly basis with a different theme per week. Its been a great way to challenge myself, to be conscious about my picture taking, and being able to share it with others and in turn see learn from other bloggers and their pictures is always a plus.

Its is Photograph Life's 1st Anniversary of hosting link up Foto Friday's and Lori, aside from doing a special giveaway, has named this week's theme as Photographer's Choice. So each blogger/photographer can pick one of their own favorite pictures and link it up to share and be judged. I don't have any hopes of winning, but I do feel like have a recent favorite pick that I wouldn't mind sharing with her.

So I am actually sharing a picture I had posted as part of a slideshow last week from the QuinceaƱera I took two weeks ago. I haven't linked up in the last few weeks because unfortunately, my pictures have not fit Lori's themes lately, so I figured I was still safe to share this picture again, and on its own.

This is Shantal, a familiar face on my blog, and one of my favorite pictures of her in general. This little girl has these beautiful eyes that pop in color as it is, but in this picture they do so even more. She reminds me of a little Audrey Hepburn here...I love it!  I took it with the 50mm and had the advantage of having the nice natural light coming in to highlight her face.

So that's it for today. I'll keep it short, but I wanted to get in my contribution. I am linking up also at
The Hollie Rogue as its one of my other favorite blogs and Lori links up with her as well.

Thank you, Lori, for letting me celebrate with you!

Happy Foto Friday from my corner to yours...

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Lori said...

Oh I really like this, I am terrible at indoor shots! She's beautiful!
And please link up whatever you like each week, it's not a mandatory theme, just a theme to help with ideas.
Thanks so joining in each week, I really do appreciate it, and thanks for sharing this beauty today.


MixedMolly said...

That is such a nice moment you captured. She's adorable.