Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday- Success Shout Out #2

So it looks like these might turn into a regular feature on my WW Wednesdays...and I hope you all don't mind. They will all be similar but different as this is an evolving post, and everybody's experiences and results are different as well.

I keep finding friends that are going through their own weight loss journey and succeeding in one way or another, and I think its important that I share any as many of these as I can. I feel that in sharing these different stories, although the goal may be the same, we will all find a different inspiration, or something that will resonate or click and that may work for us as well.

So this week, I'd like to give a "Shout Out" to my school friend, Emmy,  who I just found out has lost 80 pounds over the last 2 years!!! Wow!! What an accomplishment, but I'm not surprised. In reconnecting with Emmy on Facebook, I have come to find out that she has become an incredible athlete, and an exercise fiend. She never stops! So of course, I had to ask her what plan she was on or what her secret was so I can learn from her.

She let me know that she has been doing her own plan with her own philosophy as to how she's been succeeding.

This is what she told me, and I will let her tell you in her own words (some of it is paraphrased)

Emmy says:

"There are 3 ways to lose weight the right way:

3. PAY YOUR DUES: THAT WAS MY WAY. burn more to have a daily caloric deficit.

Sandy I LOVE to eat & I didn't want to have to go thru life missing out on good food. I've done all the diets & you know they don't work because people always put it back you have to decide to make a lifestyle change & that is what I did.

I fell in love with burn more in 1 class than most people do spending 2 hours in the gym & it's low impact. I SPIN A LOT (PAYING MY DUES - SO I COULD EAT. LOL) Then I do cross-fit on Saturdays to change it up so I don't plateau because after a while my body was so adapted to spin, I had to confuse it. Then I do Zumba so I'll have a fun workout & not get bored.

Instead of saying I CAN'T do that...I ask myself  'I wonder if I COULD do that'...and that's how I did my first triathlon...ever since then I want more. It's a rush crossing that finish line!

1. Switched to brown rice (can't tell this Asian girl not to eat rice. LOL)
2. Portion control - I still eat pretty much the same foods but just cut it in half.
3. Stopped eating out (restaurants don't care how much oil or butter they put on your food - just as long as it taste good).
4. I try to eat 500 calorie breakfast & lunch since I am by myself & for dinner i like to eat what the family is having. it's a pain in the ass cooking 2 different meals. (Emmy is hysterical btw)

Oh yeah, that's one thing i didn't do - weigh myself. I said I was gonna go by my clothes & not a number...'cuz I know me...if i didn't see an improvement it would discourage me, especially with all the stuff I do & they say muscle weighs more than fat.

Hope this helps -It's been a 2 year journey & still going. just remember it's a lifestyle."


Thank you Emmy for sharing all of this. You are awesome and you inspire me all the time!! I love that your message is also about not having to miss out on eating what you want...just find a way to work it off . There is always that misconception of having to deprive ourselves. It truly doesn't have to be that way.

Your idea of taking chances...that is staying with me! I hope to reach my goals using that idea.

Did you relate to something Emmy said? Did anything strike a cord with you to try or change?

Again, I hope that these stories help someone out there and show you that there are many ways of taking this weight loss journey and that it is truly a lifestyle change. Just go for it!

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you all a great Wednesday!

From my corner to yours...


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! So proud of the TWO of you my friends! I love your philosophy because it's is a LIFESTYLE change.
Love you both!!!
Jessica A.

Sandy said...

Thanks Jess!! Love you too!