Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Motivations- My 5K Run Recap

I am not a runner, I never have been...I guess not until now according this quote.  I have avoided running all my life, or anything to do with running anymore than I needed to. I had definitely, at least, convinced myself that running was just "not my thing." I have also had really bad knees, for a few reasons. One, because of the lack of cartilage in between my joints due to old injuries, and second, the weight that I was carrying was undeniably limiting my ability to even try anything more than walking briskly.

So in growing, changing, and discovering new things this past year, including losing weight and walking for exercise on a more consistent basis, I began to crave something new to do to take me to a different level. So at the start of the year I changed things up a bit by taking a cross fit class and some Zumba classes, and have been implementing some of the things I've learned into my workouts. In doing that, I have discovered that I am capable of much more than I ever thought possible. So I started jogging a bit more, and found that I enjoyed the feeling it brought me, and that my body was ready to be able to handle my new weight enough to push myself to run a little more each time I tried.

This year, one of my goals was to find a chance to do a 5K run/walk of some sort. I have never felt strong enough or capable to do one until now. So when my son's middle school offered a community run at the local high school (Taft Community Health Fair 5K) I figured this was the perfect opportunity to help support my son's school, and finally follow through with this goal.

My SIL, Adriana, also had this similar goal and signed up to do this with me. We were pumped, and now that we had signed up, it actually meant that we had to start training to complete the 3.1mile course we were going to run. So we did. Adriana is a natural runner, so training with her was great as it helped push me to push myself harder to keep up with her as much as possible. It was hard at the beginning but it felt soo good after each practice to know that I was improving each time.

 As the day of the run approached the weather reports announced that a big storm was going to hit that Saturday, the morning of the run...Of COURSE! My first 5k and it was going to rain all morning. Whatever!! So instead of entertaining thoughts of not going, we just started to plan on how we were going to deal with it. There was no turning back after all the work we had done.

So Saturday, I woke up early feeling jazzed but nervous,  not really knowing how it was all going to pan out, but I was ready.

I had a good fiber filled breakfast and a cup of coffee to give me some energy.

However, note to self: I may have drank too much liquid before the race...Uggh! ;)

Being that it was soo cold and raining soo hard, I couldn't expect my family to come out to be with me at the run. I knew they were supporting me from home, and were proud of me for even going in this weather. After this, I'd like to think that there will definitely be other opportunities for them to come out and cheer me on.
Adriana and I got there pretty early to register and to get our numbers. That's when I really began to get excited. It gave us a chance to really stretch well and just get mentally ready to deal with the rain. 


They had music playing and the excitement built as we stood at the start line.  

As we waited we spotted someone crazy enough to do the run barefooted!! Omg!  Apparently, this is called forefoot running, and he said that he runs trails and marathons the same way. I don't know, but more power too him. I was happy to have my shoes on that morning. Although, after unsuccessfully trying to avoid the puddles along the course, my feet were just as wet as his were, so it probably  didn't really make a difference. lol

From the beginning of the race, I was already one of the last ones out...I even had a security car following me at first, probably thinking I was going to bow out early...but I didn't care!! I really just concentrated on the music pumping me through my ears (My music and the right playlist makes all the difference for me), finding my own pace and trying to ignore the down pour that was hitting me straight on. I walked the first .2 miles to warm up, and then hit the floor jogging. Mind you, I was snail jogging, but I was jogging! Amazingly enough, the farther I got into it, the more I realized that I wasn't stopping, that I didn't really need to, and that in itself gave me such a rush. It was at that moment that I realized how important the training had really been. I felt good that we had taken this seriously enough to follow through with that.

 My body was ready and prepared and that gave me the boost of confidence I needed to keep going. I found myself smiling, feeling giddy and feeling really good even though by that point I was truly soaken wet.

I even got philosophical out was so symbolic to me that although I had weather and the rain against me, that I was still  pushing through it...and isn't that just how life is? At least for me, everything that has happened or will happen in my life,  just when I think its all against me, I WILL make it through! I thanked God for that aha moment. If I can run this race in the rain...I can do anything!!  This was how I was supposed to experience this run. Amen!

So ultimately, I jogged the whole course which was an accomplishment in itself for me, and by the end I was singing out loud as I made my way to finish line. I even took the time to take a picture right before the finish line...a picture to always remind of just how amazing it feels to cross that line. I came in as the second to last person, but again...I didn't care!!
It was AWESOME!!

Adriana had finished earlier than I so she was already there waiting for me. We laughed, hugged and congratulated each other. It was a nice moment. I was soo proud of both of us. We had done it! We had trained, we had finished the run, and accomplished a goal!! Hurray! And I was so happy we had done this together.

We checked out and they gave us a goodie bag along with a special  dog tag to remember the event and then we got our times. Adriana had a great time and came in at 33 minutes and I came in at 40min 51sec. For having been our first time, and doing this in the rain, I think we did pretty well!! It encourages me to think of what time we could have come in at if the weather hadn't been soo bad.  So now we each have times to beat for next time!
I went home to celebrate with my boys, but the adrenaline was still pumping in me and I truly felt that I could have kept going. Maybe that means I can try a 10k next time?? Or  maybe one of those mud runs? Let's wait and see!
One step at a time. But for now, I know that if I truly want to, I know I could do it.

Like with anything, I learned soo much about myself and about what I can get myself to do. I will always remember this experience, as small as it may end up being in the long run, but it was truly a special one for me. I guess I'm a runner now, but I wasn't there to win a race,
I was just there to win for myself, and that I did! 

Thank you again to Adriana, for being my partner that day,
and for motivating me the days I wasn't so into practicing!
We Did It, Girl!

Thank you to all of you for stopping by and for all your loving
and supportive Facebook messages! I truly appreciate each one! 

Have a wonderful week!

From my corner to yours,

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