Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge Pictures... (Day 8 - 14)

Hello all!  Week 2 of this challenge was even a bit more difficult for me as I kept forgetting what my daily theme was, and finding something inspiring to shoot, but I tried my best. 

I did however, find a way to get in an opportunity to use my DSLR camera to take a few shots this weekend, as suggested by a guest comment. So thank you for that!

Day 8- A bad habit (list A) & Your sky (list B)        I am confessing one of my worst habits with this picture and that is that I bite my cuticles to the core!!! It is a gawd-awful habit and I'm totally embarrassed to show this, but maybe it might help me stop it...Maybe! Next to that mess, is the beautiful shot of my sky that day outside of my back door. The interesting thing I noticed was that the palm tree actually looks like a cute little giraffe hanging out! Do you see it?

Day 9- Somebody I Love (list A) & My Daily Routine (list B)

A)This is my hubby, Jerry, and I honestly got lucky enough to get this shot. He is camera shy and he was just back from a long day at work and winding down, so he was gracious enough to give me a sweet smile. Love you Babe!    B) I was not going to put everybody through a picture dump of my daily routine...it was too much even for me. So I am posting the one picture that holds true for me everyday. One of the many things I do in the morning is wash dishes. I HAVE to have the dishes done before I can do anything else, and the thing I love about that is that my Danny (& Mikey sometimes) is usually outside playing already and I just love watching them play outside while I wash dishes.  It just brings me comfort.

Day 10-  A Childhood Memory

I didn't even know I had this picture of myself until a few years ago when it was given to me by one of my best friends, Jessica. I love this picture, and I was in 4th grade so I must have been about 10? I love it. It just brings back soo many warm memories of my Catholic school days...St. Roberts, the uniforms, my friends (you know who you are ;]) Honestly, some of the best times of my life! I also remember how self conscious I was back then, and I just wish i could go back and tell that little girl soo many things about herself and how she was going to turn out to be...JUST FINE!

Day 11- A Close Up  
I had to switch the theme for this day with Day 12, as I forgot what I had to shoot for the day. But since I did take a whole bunch of pictures at my friend, Bethany's wedding shower with my DSLR, I will take the chance to share some of those now.  It was beautiful and very nicely decorated, and I shot every possible detail I could and some are actually closeups.


Day 12-Something Blue (List A)-  
Blue is one of my absolutely favorite colors. I just gravitate to it.  
This is one of my favorite blue vases up close. I love that dark tone.

Day 13- Me and 13 things in purse. (List A & B)
This theme wasn't hard to combine as I usually have more than just 13 things in my purse. Its usually a mess, but I had just cleaned it out so this picture is showing the minimum of what I usually carry.
I have my usual makeup, receipts hanging out of my wallet, and the RARE sight of a $5 bill hanging around (I rarely have cash on me). I am also loving these decorative flowers I have been finding to add as an accessory to my outfits or in this case my purse.

Day 14- EYES 
I had other plans for this picture but I went ahead and used the only eyes I had access to...my own!
I actually really like the way this came out. I realize how vulnerable I feel when I look at my eyes close up. The wrinkles that are showing up, the bags under my eyes, and the crows feet that I know I have give me such a reality check. However, having said that, I also realize that as much as these are signs of my "aging," they are also telling lines of what my life has been like. They are signs of all the crying I've done through the hard times in my life. They are happy wrinkles of all the laughing I have done, and those that know me know that I am no stranger to laughing out loud at almost anything! And the bags under my eyes are just witness to being the Mom that I am and all that entails including sleepless nights and long hours doing everything I need to do to keep my family running.


So this is the end of Week 2, and again I am working hard to keep this going. This week I learned that preparation is probably key to this process. Knowing what picture themes are coming up will help me either get ready or think ahead of what inspirations I may want to look for instead of scrounging or stressing that same day to find what to shoot. So I will have my lists readily available and will try this strategy to see if this works for me.

I hope you enjoyed this week's pics and I will see you next week. Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you all a

from my corner to yours...

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