Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Weight Watcher Wednesday 2012 - Week 47

Happy 2012 Everybody!

I wasn't planning on making this my first post of the year (as I have my yearly recap and my word of for the year to come soon), but its probably an appropriate one to start with as most of us start of with new year resolutions. What a better time to talk about getting off on the right track to better health! Right?!

On that note...

I have been waiting to update on my progress due to the past few weeks of the impeding doom that was this past holiday season of EATING!!! I wanted to wait and see just how I would survive the total of these past few weeks. In the past I have gained anywhere from 5-10 pounds due to just the holidays. Does that sound like you too?? It happens all too easily. So I think I set myself up for some realistic results knowing full well that I had to leave some room for a weight gain, and be ok about it.

So here is how it went for me Pre-Thanksgiving:

11/9     Week 39      -0.4
11/16   Week 40      -1.4
11/23   Week 41      -2.4  (day before Thanksgiving)
11/30   Week 42     +1.6  (Not surprised! It was a very tasty Thanksgiving ;])
12/7     Week 43      -1.2  (back on track)
Net loss                  - 3.8  (Ok pretty good I guess for getting through Thanksgiving)

As the Christmas festivities begin...

12/14     Week 44     +0.2  (not worried about it...yet?)
12/21     Week 45     +0.8  (this was a HORRIBLE week for me, so I'll take it)
12/28     Week 46     +0.4  (again, I got through Xmas by the skin of my nose)
               Net gain     +1.4  (Ok, reasonable and in control...but its not over yet!)

Winding down after the holidays...

01/04     Week 47      -0.6   (HURRAY!! )

Total Net Difference for holidays 2011 =   -3 pounds

Total loss for 2011  33.4 pounds

As far as I am concerned I SURVIVED the Holidays!!!

Let's face it, we can't make the holidays about the food, but it is undeniably part of it....so we have to enjoy it! Am I right??

And that I did! I mentioned in my last posts that I did feel the effects of my relaxed food consumption by having 2 days worth of piercing headaches and realizing it was probably because of the sugar overload I put myself through.

I was baking consistently at the time, and going to functions where I unfortunately made not just bad choices, but too many of them. I realized very quickly that I have definitely changed my eating habits enough to make my body react and send off a warning in my head! I had to immediately pull back the reigns and... SLOW MY ROLL!!  I continued to enjoy my trigger foods, but in a more controlled fashion.

Ahhh, now that I have confessed my foodly discretions to you all....I  feel soo much better!!!

But this is what its all about,
this is part of this wicked weight loss process,

On a different note though...I feel like I've started this year on the right step. For the first time in my life, I exercised and went for a great brisk walk on New Years Day! It was a beautiful day, I felt really good and it was soo nice to say "Happy New Year" to complete strangers and get a warm wave "hello" back.

So now that the holidays are over, I am regaining control of my shopping, my refrigerator, my menus, and my food choices. I will choose to make it a great 2012!

Thank you for checking in, and I hope that you all have found your health focus for the year and may you all succeed with your goals!!

To a Healthy 2012, from my corner to yours...

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