Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Christmas Traditions- Novenas (Part 3)

So far so good, the Novenas are going smoothly and are being well attended. Always a good sign for the last few as attendance tends to dwindle as the week goes on. We have been having a great time and there is a strong spirit brewing amongst this group.  Always nice!

Also from the comments I have gathered, by Monday we were all feeling the effects of all the glorious food we've been "consuming".  Speaking for myself, my eating has been so out of sorts for the last few days that I have been waking up with piercing headaches. Can we say..."Sugar overload!!!" Needless to say I have regained my composure and taken back my self control as of then. My body is just NOT used to eating like that anymore. (That is a good thing!!)

So here is the recap of the last 3 novenas:

4th Novena (12/19)- Camacho Family

So it was my turn to host, and as always, I never say no to a chance to have a shindig of any size. So I did my best to not disappoint.

The novenas also seem to get more amusing as they go along. Past moments become running jokes throughout the nights and get more out of control. For example, my family and I showed up to the Chavez Novena in our pajamas due to the fact that we went straight there after attending a Xmas movie marathon party (where pajamas were the requested attire) hosted by another friend of ours. We figured it would be fun and we were going to a friends house so what the heck, right! Well of course we got some slack, but all was good, so I thought.

The next night at my Novena...this is what showed up! As soon as I saw the first pajama walk through my door... I knew the joke was on me!

Sandra Chavez had passed the word around the night before to make sure everyone knew to show up in their best pajama get up, and I was soo amused to see how many did. It was so funny, and even the kids showed up in their jammies.  Hey at least everyone got to go home and go straight to bed...Lol!

5th Novena (12/20) Correa Family

We headed out to Burbank the next night over to Tere and Lizette's apartment for the next novena. Part of the fun also includes trying to fit in as many people as possible even in smaller places. It just makes it cozier that way.

Tere and Lizette cooked up a very traditional Colombian spread of the infamous Natilla and Buñuelos and Colombian hot chocolate that is infused with cinnamon. Always a treat!!

 She had this beautiful Nativity scene and village set up and it was hard for the kids to keep their hands off of it. We also had a great raffle, and I was lucky enough to win this really cool plate set. I guessed the right fruit... Kiwi...go figure!!

6th Novena (12/22) The Halaby Family

The Halaby Novena is always one to look forward to. The Halaby's are always soo generous in both their food and gifts (too generous I'd say, but we are soo grateful!!). They are known for having Portos desserts (to die for) and their now famous White Elephant game they started last year. They provide all these awesome gifts, (samples from their beauty supply brokerage business) and share with all of us. We then provide the laughter and comedic process of stealing or keeping the best gifts we can get!!

 Also this year, their mom, Teresita is away in Guatemala for a few months. Teresita, has been the matriarch of sorts and the lead novena reader for many years, so we missed having her here. But technology is so amazing and so readily available that she was able to attend the novena from all those miles away by connecting her through SKYPE!!! (I love Skype) She sentimentally reconnected with her friends, prayed and sang along during the novena. So amazing!

We had been having issues getting through the  songs at the end because we didn't know the words. So Alex and Jehad made song booklets with all the Viñancicos for us to be able to sing along. These booklets will now be used for our future novenas. Thanks guys!!

All in all, we've had some great moments that we'll always remember! And so will our kids!

I truly feel blessed knowing these wonderful people in my life, and to be able to share such a wonderful tradition with them year after year overfills my heart with love and joy....everything that the Christmas season is all about!!

We took a break yesterday, as there was no host for this day, but it served as a chance for people to do the novena at home on their own, to finish up any holiday errands they need to do, and to take a much deserved holiday breather. As much fun as the novenas are, they can catch up to you!

There is technically one more novena left and that will take place tonight at Amparo Correa's house.  The 9th and last Novena is on Christmas Eve, but with everybody having their own family festivities we can't all be together as in the past. We hope that we all do the last novena in one way or another, and if not we will at least say some kind of prayer to honor that last night and Jesus' birth on Christmas day.

Here's to the last couple days of holiday madness and may we look forward to all of our upcoming Christmas festivities!!

From my corner to yours... 
Merry Christmas To All!!

Much love,

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