Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Word for the year 2012- Create

Its that time of year again...that time to pick out my word for 2012. This one has been calling my name, and I'm going to answer...

I've been feeling this one too...My creative juices have been percolating again! By that I mean I have had them on the back burner for what feels like way too long! Last year was so packed with real life events and celebrations that there had really been no time for me to break out that crafty side of me.  I know I did do a few crafty things last year, but they were fairly quick things, nothing that I could really spend too much time on which I love doing. But do not fret, my mind is always turning! I have soo many projects I've been itching to get my hands on, I'm going to have to schedule them out to avoid getting overwhelmed and discouraged. 

But I'm ready! My dining room table is ready! I have nothing scheduled to host at my house in the coming months (as of yet), so I'm ready to let go and let my table get messy and overflowing with with decorative papers, pictures, fabric, tools, and anything else that will help my ultimate creativeness spew out! Ok, sorry...getting dramatic here, but you get the picture, right?! 

I'm just excited to get started. In fact, I promised myself I wouldn't start anything until I finished writing this post, just to make sure I got this done and off my list. Hmmm...does that sound like a  strategy to you? I think so ;]

The other reason this word called to me was because if you look at the definition, along with the listed synonyms, it totally leaves me open to "creating" anything...

  1. Bring (something) into existence:
  2. Cause (something) to happen as a result of one's actions:
    make - produce - originate - generate - form - cause
It doesn't have to be something tangible either, such as a scrapbook.  It might be a year of creating opportunities to do something new/different, creating new challenges for me to conquer, or something as physical as.. ME!
I feel like this year is definitely a time to "re-create" some things including myself. Now that I've lost some weight I need to try to re-create my body, my wardrobe, and have some fun creating some new styles for me to wear. I have mentioned Pinterest before and I love this site more and more everyday. I have found some great styles on there that I would love to wear, and some that I have already tried to recreate by just using what I already have and getting some inexpensive accessories to get as close to the look I want. I have also found some other sites that I have been checking out for new hairstyles, makeup and other crafty things that I will be sharing and writing about in the future.

I'm looking forward to the feeling of accomplishment and pride of completing a project whether that means seeing the fruits of my labor expressed through a scrapbook page, a cake maybe(?), a set of photographs or even just my blog posts.

Whatever it might be, I'm excited to see what I can create with my hands or more importantly with my heart!
 That motto works for me!

I would love to know what word you would pick to make your 2012 more meaningful.  It can change your year! Join me, wont you?

Here's to everything that it means to "Create" in 2012, from my corner to yours...

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