Friday, January 13, 2012

A Song... to get me in the mood

Ok, so to be creative, I need a creative setting, preferably a great space which would include the proper tools, and all the fixings that come with whatever project I'm doing. But more importantly for me, has always been to have the right music to get me in the mood to let those creative juices flow.

So along with picking "Create" as my word this year, I kind of felt it would be appropriate to pick a song to go with it too! Heck, why not! Kind of like a sudo theme song for me to have playing in my head as I get motivated to create.

This song is not old, but its not totally new either, and for some reason I keep hearing it in the most random of places. Soooo, I'm figuring its supposed to mean something to me...

Dog Days are Over by Florence + The Machine

And it does...2011 was a great year in MANY ways, but also ever so challenging in others, but I can say that my family was blessed towards the end of the year with some new opportunities that will hopefully let us get past those "dog days" of worrying.

This song gets me going from the get go! There is just so much power behind this girls voice, and it just brings me hope, and an internal enthusiasm I can't I'm running with it! Literally! I have come to find out that its also a great song to go walking/running to so its on my exercise playlist too.

Although the original song version by Florence + the Machine is my favorite, this video version is one of my favorite Glee moments as well. The singing, the dancing and enthusiasm these kids are expressing is what I see going on in my head and what I feel in my body as I hear it play.

I will be relaxing and enjoying my family in Palm Springs this weekend, and I brought with me one of my first projects to enjoy working on in such a peaceful place. (I'll report back on that when I'm done). This song and many others will make it an ideal creative experience!

May you all find a song that grabs you...and may it help you define the mood for a year, a season, a project, or a simple moment in your life.

Have a creative day, from my corner (in Palm Springs) to yours...   ; )

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