Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Didn't you feel like that?? I did.

As I reflect on today's events, aside from the enormity of the fact that Barack Obama, the 1st African-American President, has been sworn in as our 44th President today, I reflect on

how there is no denying that this was a great this day for soooo many people...in all corners of the world. The sea of people assembled, even in the cold weather, seemed enough to represent the whole world as it witnessed history.

The joy seemed to be felt everywhere and people planned for this day like it was a National Holiday. The news reports and 838 pics on Yahoo are there to prove it. I dare to say, this wouldn't have been the response for anybody else either.
Jerry and I had even planned this as a special day as of last Saturday; we were going to drop off the kids, go to breakfast and come back and see the TIVO'd Innaguration. In actuality, we listened to most of it 'live' on the radio on the way to breakfast and that in itself will be a memorable moment for me as I felt like I was back in the times when people were only able to listen to speeches via radio. It was very powerful as I felt like we were listening to our own generation's Martin Luther King delivering his speech of peace and hope to the world. We clapped and cheered just like we were there. The goosebumps on my arms were inevitable!

We watched it later and people were being interviewed about what they had left behind to be there, or how far they had come. There were two women from Scottland that had flown over JUST to be there to see this happen. Scottland!! WOW!!!

I don't know, but it was just a very awe inspiring day for me to realize how much affection and trust the World (no matter what race or creed) has for this new President of ours, Barack Obama, and the spirit of change he brings with him. It was beautiful to see just how the World celebrated this day as if it were their own.

It was emotional, visible and tangible! It was Awesome!

God Bless Barack Obama!

Smiling proudly from her little corner,


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