Monday, March 7, 2016

So this is being 45...

So I just turned 45, and I am happy to be here. Some people may have a hard time with their age, but I can honestly say I can own it. I don't feel the need to shy away from my age because lets face it-
It is what it is! Instead I am grateful to have these years under my belt, and its always a good chance to reflect and be honest with this reality.  I really don't know what this number means in the scope of the big picture, but thankfully, my age has always truly just been a number.

However, 45 came with a few extra things...

New emotions mixed in with some old,

New anxieties and some laid to rest,

Confidence built for somethings, but some walls built up for others

Feelings of strength and yet feeling my most vulnerable

More independence and yet feeling the most connected to home

Skills gained and brain power renewed

Full of love and pride for all that's been accomplished

Celebrations and living through the eyes of another

Full of gratitude for all our blessings

Reflections on the last year, and wondering about the next 5 towards 50

Physically, 45 even came with...

Some body changes. I'd like to say some good, but nope- let's just say they're changes

Much more blurriness and the constant need for 4 eyes

Some extra warmth when I should be cooled off, and vice versa

The need to stretch on a daily basis or out comes the heating pad

The ability to shed a few extra tears more so than usual at ANY moment...Yes, lovely

Its an interesting age. I just got here, but I'll be figuring it out.

Only the next year will tell how it will be.

But for now and for me... This is being 45.

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