Monday, December 7, 2015

Baby boy # 3 is turning 13...

I can't believe that the last of our boys is turning 13 today. Mikey becoming teen is the beginning of another chapter for him and the end of another chapter for us as parents. No more little boys (at all), just a household full of teenagers now. Where did the time go? One of those moments full of mixed emotions of some sadness, joy and pride.

Mikey might be our youngest, but he's also the one that completes our family puzzle, our bookend of personality and that final piece that makes up this Camacho clan. He brings so much light and spirit to our family that we wouldn't have it any other way.

 Mikey is our artist, the creative one. He is good at doing a little bit of everything. He is resourceful and can make something out of nothing. He is creative in the kitchen, in his playing, but his artwork amazes us every time. You can tell it comes from inside him, he has great visual perspective, and loves attention to detail. However proud of his work, he is his own worst critic so he keeps challenging himself to get better. It is one the things I love about him. We love his artwork and encourage this talent anyway we can, and can't wait to see what he does with them in high school and the years to come.

He's our consummate entertainer. He does a little acting, singing, and now he's dancing. Ha, I finally got a dancer! Having grown up in the Colombian culture, dancing is a big deal but my boys including Jerry can instrumentally hear/play notes beautifully but dancing is not necessarily their forte. Mikey however, is the one that got and actually enjoys this dancing gene. He's got rhythm in his groove and can feel the music in his body, and loves to express himself any chance he gets. He had been teaching himself some routines by watching videos, but he will be taking some hip hop classes next year to help him with improve his moves. 

Mikey is our enthusiastic one, the sometimes mischievous one, sometimes the louder than we'd like him to be one with a voice getting deeper by the minute, but with a wonderful spirit full of good intent in all he does.


He is our patient and kind one too. He is a good friend to everyone and a helper in class. He is very is tolerant and so very patient with all kids which explains why they gravitate to him no matter where he is. He has a natural ability to understand those kids who need a little bit more help or who just need someone to hang out with.

Mikey is all about comfort (very much like his dad). Getting 'dressed up' is not top on his to do list, and hey matching his colors and plaids is just not always that important, lol. But now that he is a little older, there is always that rare occasion where he shows a little flair for style.

Our Mikey has a beautiful smile, a big laugh, but a bigger heart. He feels deeply but is the most subtle with his emotions. He puts himself out there completely in his own way, even it means risking getting hurt. He has been Danny's saving grace, and has a soft spot for his oldest brother. He loves being with all his family as much as he likes being around his friends, and he still loves holding my hand. How can a mom complain, right?

Mikey is all of these things and so much more. And we love him for being All of it.
This guy has always had the key to our hearts. 

Happy 13th Birthday baby boy!! 
We're so proud of the young man you are becoming. 
May your teenage years be blessed, full of growth and adventure
and always guided by God.

We Love You Mikey!

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