Thursday, July 30, 2015

Frank Sinatra's 100th Birthday @ the Hollywood Bowl...

A trip to the Hollywood Bowl is always a special one. To be honest the Hollywood Bowl is a fairly new experience for me. Believe it or not, the first time I went to to the Hollywood Bowl was just 2 years ago for a Juanes concert and it was amazing. I couldn't believe I hadn't experienced it before, but I swore I'd go again and I have.

I've learned quickly that a night at the Hollywood Bowl includes anything from dining al fresco before the concert or choosing to take your own picnic basket full of whatever your heart, food, dessert and dining at your seats during the concert. You can totally get comfortable as you wine and dine while you get entertained by your favorite artist. A perfect night every time.

For the last 2 years I've been able to post and share with all of you the Hollywood Bowl's Summer Concert Schedule (Thanks to Allied Hispanic) and I hope its been a reminder and incentive for all of you to go out and see a summer show.  Last year I was given the opportunity to see the Grease Sing Along. That was amazing fun. To see all kinds of people dressed up as the movie characters and to sing along to one of my favorite movies was a night to remember.

This year we picked the Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday celebration to go to last Wednesday evening. We had been to a Frank Sinatra themed party earlier last month and it was so much fun. His music is just so wonderfully classic that what a better place to listen to his music once again but live.

Concerts are usually a thing we share with Christian who is our music guy, but this time we wanted to share and expose Danny and Mikey to some amazing music and invited them to be our dates and they accepted. It was a night to broaden their musical horizons and their cultural experiences as well. It was their first time at the Bowl and I know it won't be there last, but they had a really good time.

Frank's tribute was a series of songs that came from all areas of his classical catalog and were sung by some amazing singers and accompanied by The Count Basie Orchestra who have all had some kind of playing history back in the day with Frank Sinatra. Special guests included Kurt Elling (below), Carmen Brandford (the Girl of Impenima), Seu Jorge, and even Seth MacFarlane who was just wonderful! I think the boys were secretly hoping to hear "Stewie" sing a Sinatra song or two, but that didn't quite happen this time ;) What they did get to hear though, were many more songs they recognized than they expected. Songs they've heard in modern form in some of their favorite movies, never realizing they actually belonged to Frank Sinatra. A cool way for them to connect the old with a lot of their new.

All in all, it was a wonderful tribute to "Old Blue Eyes" and we were so happy to have been there and be able to share it with our boys. I hope they'll remember that it was a special night for us with them and we know there are more to come for us at the Hollywood Bowl.

What will you be seeing at the Bowl next?

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