Friday, July 17, 2015

Foto Friday- Baby Milan

New babies are always just soo precious, and when I happen to get a chance to hold a tiny little one in my arms again it always takes me right back to when my boys were little, little and it just feels so nice. I was blessed to do just that last week when I was asked once again by the Acuña family to take pictures of their newest addition- this time around is their baby girl, Milan. She is just under 3 weeks old and the cutest thing ever. But more over, she was the perfect little model as she cooperated soo well considering just how much posing and moving her around we did. She was ready for her closeup.

This shoot was also exciting for me as I was able to try out some new ideas, angles and methods that I haven't ever tried before and yet had been itching to do. It was definitely a bit more personal and close up as Bethany and Daniel so kindly gave me permission to totally get into their personal space and go up, over and around them as much as I needed to get the shots I wanted and needed to see what worked and what didn't and that was just so much fun! Bethany also allowed me to take some nursing pictures (which I wont be posting) that capture such a beautiful bonding moment between a mother and her baby. So I'd like to Thank them for trusting me to take these pictures for them and for allowing me to share these pictures with you.  I hope you enjoy!
Have a great weekend!

Some of my favorites...

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Brujita said...

oh she sparkles for daddy!