Friday, February 13, 2015

What we love... about each other

4 years ago I did a cute, quick little Valentines He/She loves mini book project .  A picture book about each family member and a few things about what each of us happened to love in 2011. I was looking back at the book and the pictures this past week and I realized how much we've changed in just 4 years. I'm so glad I made that little book at that time as now its serves as a point of reference for me.  So I figured since tomorrow is Valentines Day,  It wouldn't hurt to update this project digitally here on my blog. But instead of writing down things we love now in 2015,  I made this a family project and I asked each one what we love about each other instead...

What do you love about Dad?

  • Me-     "How much he loves us and how he makes me laugh "
  • Chris-  "That he raised us to believe in ourselves first and foremost"
  • Danny- "How much he supports me in all that I do"
  • Mikey- "That he does what he has to do for the family"

What do you love about Mom?

  • Jerry-   "How shy you get sometimes"
  • Chris-  "Your friendship, Momma"
  • Danny- "That you cook for me and always there for me"
  • Mikey- "That you're super creative and that you make really good food for us"


What do you love about Chris...

  • Jerry-  "That he's what a big brother should be"
  • Me-     "His heart and sunshine smile"
  • Danny- 'The advice he gives me."
  • Mikey- "How he teaches me things and helps me with homework"

What do you love about Danny?

  • Jerry-  "That he gives you who he is. He's real"
  • Me-     "His empathetic heart"
  • Chris-  "His laugh and cute personality"
  • Mikey- "That he will still play with me even when he doesn't want to sometimes"

 What do you love about Mikey...

  • Jerry- "His smarts, intelligence and his laughter"
  • Me-    "That he will still hold my hand in public"
  • Chris- "His creativity and art"
  • Danny- "His funny personality and that he's my friend"

What we love about Lulu...

  • Jerry- "She's been a good dog"
  • Me-  "She loves being my walking partner"
  • Chris- "She's a great cuddle buddy"
  • Danny- "That she plays with me outside"
  • Mikey- "She's adorable and that she loves us"

Awww... this was a lot of fun and so much more important than chocolates and gifts for all of us to take the time to reflect even on the little things that we love about each other on a daily basis to keep us strong.

I just want my 4 guys (and Lulu) to know how much I LOVE them and everything about them not just on Valentines day, but every day of the year. How everything I do, I do for them and to see them happy in life.  I wouldn't be complete without them.  Thank You boys for loving me back the way you do!

From my corner to yours... may you all love and be loved today and always.

Happy Valentines Day! 

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