Sunday, July 13, 2014

Planes: Fire & Rescue...


This past Tuesday, I took the boys, my nephews and Danny's friend to the movie screening of
Planes- Fire & Rescue in Downtown LA, and as an added bonus we were able to see it in 3D. Its always fun to get the chance to see a preview movie with the kids.

Planes: Fire and Rescue begins where the original Planes movie ended, with Dusty Crophopper enjoying the benefits of newly found fame as a world famous air racer. However, his career may come to an end when his gear box goes out on him during a routine practice flight and is told he may never race again.  Dusty has to come to grips with finding a new purpose in life when he is joins an elite rescue team of firefighting air crafts devoted to protecting Piston Peak from a massive wildfire and his new adventure begins.
This was a very cute movie and something the whole family can watch. It had a great message for kids of friendship, team work and never giving up. Loved that!

The kids perspective...they loved the movie too! They liked the 3-D effects especially during the main action shots as you see the planes coming at you. It was interesting to hear them say that they were a bit stressed out and didn't like that the planes seemed to be in danger so often- a taste of a real life concern, right? But they also got the message that working as a team and following directions could save your life in dangerous situations. Awesome!

I personally also loved that this movie started with a dedication to all those firefighters and people who risk their lives fighting wildfires- Appropriately so! Although its an animated movie, Disney did a great job giving you an inside perspective as to what these firefighting teams do to make sure communities are protected, evacuated and how they contain these horrible fires and yet do their best to come out alive themselves. Its a crazy life for sure and I for one am grateful for what they do. And speaking of the animation- it was Incredible! The fires scenes were very real and there was one morning scene in particular that made me do a double take because it looked like they had taped it live. Truly fascinating to see what technology has done to make these "cartoons" almost true to life.

It was a nice evening out with the kids and its definitely worth taking your family to watch. 

(Check your local listings for times)

 Have a great day!

(Thank you Allied for the screening opportunity)

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