Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mikey- Signs of a future business man

Mikey is in 3rd grade and about a month ago they did a section in class on Economy and how businesses run, and they learned how to write a business plan and letters to businesses to ask for sample products for a market fair they were having. He definitely has that entrepreneur spirit his dad has because he truly enjoyed this lesson. So much soo, that he took this homework to task and asked me if he could type up a letter to the Lego company to see if they would send him some legos.

Being the encouraging mom, of course I agreed, but my heart sank at knowing full well that this letter would get nowhere, and my poor son would end up disappointed. Why would they send him anything? I'm sure they get tons of letters from kids, right?
BUT I helped him with the letter (I saved it), he picked the font and the wording, and I made sure it was correct. He let them know how much he loved Legos and all the stuff he makes with them.

Ok, great...he addressed the letter perfectly along with the envelope (another thing he learned in class), he put a stamp on it and I took it to the post office the next morning. Honestly, we hadn't thought twice about it since then...

So, after getting home yesterday from running a few errands, there on the front door was a small box addressed to Mikey Camacho. WHAT???!!!

The first thing I think was, "I haven't ordered anything for Mikey, lately" then, it hits me! "OMG! There's no way!" I get a big smile on my face and I walk in with it and I present Michael with his first piece of parcel. Of course, he immediately knew what it was, "Mom, I think it might be from the Lego Company!" Awww..

So of course we open it and there in the box was a little Lego toy car set.


I look and find the invoice, but it didn't say anything. So just to make sure, (I didn't want to assume that we weren't getting invoiced) I called the 800 #, and if anything It would give me a chance to say, "Thank you!"

Notice how they appropriately send him the "Creator"
Sure enough I talk to an operator who checks the notes on the order and she starts giggling..."Yes, Mam', Sarah received Mikey's letter and was so touched and impressed, she went ahead and sent him a little something." Wow!! How cool is that! I told her that we wanted to say 'Thank you' for the sweet gesture, and that it was no wonder why soo many people loved this company.

During this time, Mikey had already broken through the wrap and excitedly started making his lego car toy.

I was amazed and honestly I felt bad that I had doubted his little letter. But the power of a little boy's perseverance and belief in what could happen proved me soo wrong...

  • I was proud of Mikey for not letting anything (including me) stop him from writing the letter.
  • I was proud of his teachers, at CHIME, for providing him with that knowledge, skills and encouragement to learn such curriculum. This is something that he will always take with him...definitely a business man in the making.
  • I was thankful to the Lego company for coming through for Mikey- to see something in that letter to grant a child's wish.
So, the point of my encourage your kids even when you think its a crazy idea. It might not be soo crazy after all!

Have a great day!

From my corner to yours,

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Gioconda said...

Awwww. What a great story. So proud of Mikey. And guess who wants to write a letter to Lego at our house?