Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Motivations....For my Boys!!


After celebrating Christian's 15th Birthday this weekend, I sat back and realized just how quickly all my boys are growing up. Its crazy! It kind of hit me when one of the gifts Chris received was a certificate to get his Driver's ed course online to get his drivers permit! That definitely didn't help. So not only are they getting older, but they're getting old enough to do some very grown up things like driving....Uggghhh!

And not only did Christian turn 15, but this year our Daniel turns 13, and Mikey turns 10...that means a new teenager in the house, and my little boy is now in the double digits....We will no longer have any babies!! As exciting and rewarding as it might feel to know that they're growing up into little men, it is obviously nostalgic for me as a mom to know that those days of them doing "little kid" things are over. Sigh!

I write about many things in my blog including about my boys, but I know that they're not at an age where they might be interested in reading it themselves...just yet. However, I know that as long as this blog sticks around on the internet, my boys can always come back and read what I've written and hopefully appreciate what I've shared about me, and them and our lives together. I've always said that this is my way of leaving them a legacy. So today, in my nostalgia, I just wanted to share a few thoughts and wishes that I hope they can take with them today, tomorrow and always....

My friend found the one on the right on Pinterest, and loved it because its soo true. And as parents we all want the best for our kids so that they have a great life.

But my favorite quote is the one below from one of the sweetest books you could ever read to your child...
Love You Forever.  I still get choked up when I read it.

But they will ALWAYS be my Babies!


To my Boys,
Daddy and I are continuously feeling blessed and so proud to see you
growing up into fine young men!
May God bless you boys in all that you do. 

We Love you!

May you all have blessed moments with your babies today and always!

From my corner to yours,



Laura Railing said...

Oh goodness. That book always makes me tear up. What sweet thoughts it brings! Happy Birthday Christian! Where does the time go...?! Ten more years and we'll be celebrating our son's 15th! Yikes!

Sandy said...

Laura, don't blink because those 10 years will be here before you know it! Enjoy the little years! Thanks so much!! :)