Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge Pictures... (Day 15 - 21)

Ok, so this week was a disaster!! I feel like I'm losing steam...I didn't shoot the themes on the right days, they were a hit and miss, and my strategy of having my pictures planned out...yeah, well not soo much!!

The only thing I did do this week that I hadn't done much of lately, was take the majority of my pics with my SLR. So I got some practice in with that camera and that felt really good.

Otherwise, I am going to share the picture themes as they came to me in random order...

 This little gadget of technology is what I have been depending on to complete this photo challenge. It helps me get my pictures from my phone to my computer to this blog. I love it because its compact and it recoils on itself so its easy to keep handy. Technology is amazing!

Long Exposure (320sec)
Ok, so this was one that totally stumped me. So as I am still learning, I really didn't know what a long exposure was until I looked it up, and from the examples I saw I needed a Ferris wheel, a fountain, waterfall or a traffic jam to get a good shot. I had none of those available to me! So I came up with this in my kitchen sink (good grief!!) I honestly would love some constructive criticism on this one, and some tips on how to even set up a "real" long exposure shot. I would appreciate any help...Thank you in advance!!

Its been kind of gloomy this last week so as soon as the sun came out I tried to take advantage and got this shot. I thought it was actually kind of cool! Reminded me kind of an 80's Band record cover, but its just Danny, Mikey and lil' ol me in the middle.

Something Orange
This was easy!! My hubby gave me this beautiful orange coat for Christmas and I'll admit that at first I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to enjoy it since it looks quite bright. However, orange seems to be in at the moment, and the more I wear it, the more I love it! Its unique and different and I've been able to coordinate a few outfits with it. I can dress it up or down. LOVE IT!!

To nicely organized in here
Everything that was stuffed in here

Something I bought
We went to IKEA this weekend and this is another store I love just stepping into. There are just soo many cool little things you can get for dirt cheap and feel like you've rearranged your life. So one of the things they had this time were these cool blue compartment boxes. It was $3.99 and I didn't even know what I wanted it for, but I just knew I wanted one! Silly I know, but it was so cute! So I quickly remembered that I needed to organize my sewing stuff  which was all shoved in to the little box on the left, and sure enough it was a perfect solution..

  My Shoes or (My Boots rather)
"These boots were made for walkin'..." Oh, Hi!  Lol! Anyway, I usually have a really hard time buying boots because of my darnbigcalves, but having found these, they have become my 'go-to' shoe this winter. Do you have a favorite pair??

Defined as the quality, amount and SHAPE of the blur in out-of-focus areas of an image. Another skill I am glad to have a chance to practice. I got these 2 shots in that I was happy with. Maybe my favorite shots of the week. 

A Faceless Self-Portrait
I'll be honest, I took this about a week ago, but I didn't need to use it, so I'm using it now!

You know what?...This random recap format was a lot more comfortable for me. Not having the pressure of doing the exact daily theme on the exact day felt more natural.  I feel like sometimes the themes just don't work on a specified day, so I think I will keep going this route. I will keep with the list for the week, but as it comes naturally and fluidly for me.

So on to the last week or so of this challenge. How have you been doing?? Let me know.

Thanks for checking in!

From my corner to yours...

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