Monday, March 21, 2011

Perfect Weather to Blog!

Today feels like the perfect time to blog….about what?? I don’t know right now, but I just feel like writing. It’s been raining all weekend, its gloomy, and I’m sitting at my office desk looking out the window, drinking a cup of coffee and listening to Beatles music from the Abbey Road CD.

Oh, so the perfect setting for me, it makes me giddy!

Anyway, maybe I will take this opportunity to do a few updates.

I just celebrated my 40th birthday, and the pictures of my birthday party on FB have already been posted so that story has already been told. But I just need to say that reflecting back on the night of my party I realized that emotions I poured out that night were all due to the love I felt and tangibly experienced from everybody and everything that surrounded me that night. The whole night was a gift of love for me and I will be eternally grateful for all of it. It was a great night.

In terms of turning 40, I don’t think I could have embraced it anymore than I have. Peace and Love is my mantra for this age and that's what I Peace with so much of my life and in Love with the people in it. I woke up excited and alive and felt privileged to be that number (whatever that number really means anyway). I kept telling people that 40 is such a great number…it’s just even, balanced and just looks pretty! So why not feel and act like it! Can’t wait to see what it brings or what I can do to make it great.

One of those things as you know is that I joined Weight Watchers. So to update you on that, I am ending my 6th week and so far I’ve lost 7 pounds!! Yay me!! Not bad, but of course I wish it was already 20 pounds down, but that wouldn’t be realistic and I’m finding that part of this weight journey is changing that quick fix mentality and that the thoughts that I’m only doing this for part time purposes…There is no quick fix, and this is for a lifetime of change, not just until I get into a dress size. My WW leader calls this mentality “The Fat head syndrome.” She says you can get really skinny, but if your fat head doesn’t catch up to that size too it will still think like a fat head and you will gain all your weight back!” Soo true, and that has been resonating with me. I have to change my attitude about the scale and food and make changes that I can stick to for a lifetime and not just to see the scale numbers go down. It’s about my future health as well. So at least I’ve been making some good choices and I feel like I’m in control again, and although knowing full well that my control will slip here and there, that is more realistic and manageable than being out of control for a lifetime.

I will continue to update you with more of my results and healthy changes. So for now forward and onward with my journey!

In other parts of my life-

* Christian, my oldest will be turning 14 this week…OMG!!! But more on that later this week.

*I’m on to planning for Mikey’s 1st Communion. Not doing anything more than a family breakfast, but no matter how small the event, it’s an opportunity I have to plan something. I LOVE planning for events!!

* Also, I went bridesmaid dress shopping and that went surprisingly much better than I had hoped for. I was surprised to find that I will be fitting into a much smaller size dress than I had anticipated. WOO HOO!!!

* I just found out that Christian Science Fair team will be taking their science project on Soundproofing to the County Science Fair! Christian spearheaded that team along with his friend Austin, and we’re just so proud of what they did! So that is a 3 day event in April, so let’s see how that goes.

So for now, I think that’s it. Thank you for joining me and allowing me to share my writing fix and I’m looking forward to some more of these perfect blogging moments.

May you be inspired on this beautiful rainy day as well! Stay warm and safe.

From my corner to yours…


Sandy XO

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Nat said...

congrats Sandy on your weight loss and all the boys accomplishments. I love reading your blog b/c it keeps me up to date with your life even though we are so far. Love ya!